Installing the desktop application

These are the system requirements of DataCleaner:

  1. A computer (with a graphical display, except if run in command-line mode).
  2. A Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 7 or higher.
  3. A DataCleaner software license file for professional editions. If you've requested a free trial or purchased DataCleaner online, this file will have been sent to your email address.

Start the installation procedure using the installer program. The installer program is an executable JAR file, which is executable on most systems if you simply double-click it.


If the installer does not launch when you double-click it, open a command prompt and enter:

java -jar DataCleaner-[edition]-[version]-install.jar


Usually the installation procedure is trivial and self-explanatory. But in case something is not working as expected, please check the following points:

  1. On Windows systems, if you do not have Administrative privileges on the machine, we encourage you to install DataCleaner in your user's directory instead of in 'Program Files'.

  2. On some Windows systems you can get a warning ' There is no script engine for file extension '.js' '. This happens when .js files (JavaScript) files are associated with an editor instead of Windows' built-in scripting engine. To resolve this issue, please refer to these help links:

    1. , which address the issue and recommends...

    2. , which has a fix for the issue

  3. If you have issues with locating or selecting the software license file, you can skip the step in the installer by copying the license file manually to this folder: '~/.datacleaner' (where ~ is your User's home folder). Note that on Windows machines it is prohibited by Windows explorer to create directories starting with dot (.), but it can be done using the command prompt:

    mkdir .datacleaner