Chapter 11. Configuration file


In this chapter we go through the elements of a configuration file, conf.xml , making it possible (although optional) to change the static configuration and configure the environment of DataCleaner. The configuration file and related files are stored by convention in a folder called .datacleaner within your user's home directory.

In the DataCleaner monitoring web application, the conf.xml file is the only point of configuration. The file is located in the root of each tenant's repository folder. For more information, refer to the repository chapter.

Most of the elements in the configuration file is also editable within the Desktop application. It is however important to note that changes made in the GUI are not saved directly to the configuration file, but to the userpreferences.dat file. You can consider the relationship between the two files this way: The configuration file defines a static, unmodifyable prototype of the applications environment. All customizations made to this prototype in the Desktop application is saved in the userpreferences.dat file.

Table of Contents

XML schema
Database (JDBC) connections
Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files
Fixed width value files
Excel spreadsheets
XML file datastores
ElasticSearch index
MongoDB databases
CouchDB databases
Composite datastore
Reference data
Synonym catalogs
String patterns
Task runner
Storage provider