Modifying result metadata

In some cases you can end up having results in the DataCleaner monitor repository which are not correctly configured. Specifically we sometimes see these situations:

  1. The registered date of the result might not be correct, if the result was created at a later time than the data it represents.

  2. The name of the associated job is wrong, if the result was uploaded from the desktop application but with a reference to a client-side job.

To fix this situation, there is a result modification web service available. The service requires the ADMIN security role.

The request URL is the same as the URL for inspecting the result, but where '.analysis.result.dat' is replaced with '.modify':

			POST /DataCleaner-monitor/repository/{tenant}/results/{result}.modify

The POST request body needs to be a JSON document, specifying the new metadata for the result file. Here's an example:

			  "job":"name of new job",
			  "date":"2012-10-17 21:47:00",