Run Pentaho Data Integration jobs in DataCleaner monitor

DataCleaner monitor can also be used to run and schedule other jobs than just DataCleaner jobs. An example of this is using DataCleaner monitor to schedule a Pentaho Data Integration transformation. The interoperability in this case is provided through the Carte service provided by Pentaho Data Integration.


For more information on configuring Carte, we recommend the Pentaho wiki page on the subject:

To set up the job in DataCleaner monitor, go to the 'Scheduling' page and click 'Build job'. Select the Pentaho Data Integration transformation option:

Follow the on-screen wizard to connect to the Pentaho Carte service and select the transformation to execute.

When the job has been registered, you can use DataCleaner monitor to schedule it, and to monitor execution metrics exposed by the job on the 'Dashboard' page (read more in the section about metric charting ).