Installing the monitoring web application

In addition to (and in some cases, even as a replacement for) the desktop version of DataCleaner, we also provide a web application for monitoring, scheduling and sharing analysis jobs and results.

A Java servlet container and web server is required to run the monitoring web application. An example of this is Apache Tomcat 7.x , which is often used and tested by the DataCleaner development team.

To install the monitoring web application, install the Web Archive (.war) file in your container. If you're using Apache Tomcat, this is done by copying the .war file to the "webapps" folder within your tomcat directory. Afterwards, start the container and go to http://localhost:8080/DataCleaner-monitor to see the welcome/login screen:

In the community edition of DataCleaner, you will find suggestions for login credentials directly on the screen, to get you started quickly.