Tenant home layout

To function properly, each tenant home folder requires these files and folders:

  1. conf.xml (file)

  2. jobs (folder)

  3. results (folder)

  4. timelines (folder)

The conf.xml file represents the DataCleaner configuration for the particular tenant. The file format is the same as described in the Configuration file chapter. It is recommended to use the supplied example conf.xml file (for the 'DC' tenant) as a template for further customization. Specifically the custom elements for task-runner, descriptor-provider and storage-provider in this template conf.xml file is recommended for optimal performance.

The folders are all managed by the DataCleaner monitoring web application, so only in rare cases should you manually interact with them.

It is allowed to add more files and folders to the tenant home. These will not be managed by the monitor application, but can be referenced eg. as the filename paths of datastores defined in conf.xml.