Merge duplicates (simple)

Simplified merging records of a duplicate group, as identified using the Duplicate Detection analyzer.Each output record of this transformation will get a 'Merge status' field which can have either of these values:

  • SURVIVOR - if the record is to be preserved as the survivor of the merge operation.
  • NON_SURVIVOR - if the record is to be discarded/deleted/invalidated as the result of the merge operation.
  • UNIQUE - if the record was not a duplicate (group size was 1 or group ID was null).
  • MANUAL - if the a rule set in the configuration of this transformation caused the duplicate group to be a candidate for manual merging.
  • FAILURE - if a failure occurred while merging.
Transformer Concurrent
  • Values

    Values that will enter the merge configuration

    List of InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Group ID

    Column containing a unique group ID

    InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Group size

    Column containing the amount of records in the group

    InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Last update column

    Column containing the last update date/timestamp

    InputColumn<Object> Optional