US movers, deceased and do-not-mail check

Use the US mail suppression service to discover contacts that are deceased, have changed address or not willing to receive unsolicited mail.

Analyzer Alias: US Address Correction/Suppression Alias: Satori US mail suppression Alias: US mail suppression service
  • Input values

    List of InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Infuse fields

    List of Choice: Given name Family name Full name Addressline Country State Region/County City Postal code Street House number Unit number Record ID Company Mapped with Input values Required
  • Username

    String Required
  • Password

    String Required
  • Job name

    String Optional
  • Client

    String Optional
  • Change of address

    Enable the 'Change of Address' service?

    boolean Required
  • Deceased persons

    Enable the 'Deceased' service?

    boolean Required
  • Do not mail

    Enable the 'Do not mail' service?

    boolean Required
  • Price quotation

    Generate a price quotation before processing, rather than actually performing the mail suppression operation directly?

    boolean Required