US movers, deceased and do-not-mail check

This component provides CASS Certified(tm) Address Correction and Mail Suppression services for the United States of America. Use it to check that the name and address data you have about people is up to date and correct. The following Mail Suppression checks currently exist:

  1. Change of Address check

  2. Deceased check

  3. Do-Not-Mail check


Customers need a set of credentials to access the service.

Address and Mail Suppression data sources

The service combines data of several sources, including the US Postal Service.


This component outputs name and address fields, in addition to the following indicators:

Table 5.4. DE movers and deceased check output

Output columnDescription
Address validation status A numeric status code of the record. Following value ranges are possible:
  1. 0 - 10 : The address is valid.

  2. 11 - 100 : The address was corrected.

  3. 101 - 500 : The address is invalid.

  4. 700 : The address was not processed / skipped.

AddressCorrectionMessageA humanly readable message about the address correction outcome.
EcoaFootnote An indicator value telling what the outcome of the 'Change of Address' check was. The following tokens can occur:
  1. N - No change

  2. M - The party has a new address

  3. K - The party has moved away without a new address

Furthermore the field may have a token representing the type of party that was identified:

  1. I - Individual

  2. F - Family

  3. B - Business

IsDeceasedA boolean flag indicating if the person is deceased.
IsDoNotMailA boolean flag indicating if the person does not want to receive unsolicited mail.

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The component produces an outputstream that can be fed into another component.