Usage scenarios

The usage scenarios of DataCleaner's CLI are:

  1. Executing an analysis job

  2. List registered datastores

  3. List schemas in a datastore

  4. List tables in a schema

  5. List columns in a table

  6. List available analyzers, transformers or filters

How these scenarios are attained is revealed by invoking your executable with the -usage argument:

			> datacleaner-console.exe -usage
			-conf (-configuration, --configuration-file) FILE
			        : XML file describing the configuration of DataCleaner
			-ds (-datastore, --datastore-name) VAL
			        : Name of datastore when printing a list of schemas, tables or columns
			-job (--job-file) FILE
			        : An analysis job XML file to execute
			        : Used to print a list of various elements available in the configuration
			-s (-schema, --schema-name) VAL
			        : Name of schema when printing a list of tables or columns
			-t (-table, --table-name) VAL
			        : Name of table when printing a list of columns