ElasticSearch indexer

Consumes records and indexes them in a ElasticSearch search index.

Analyzer Distributed execution possible
  • Errornous rows

    Not parameterized
  • Inserts

    Not parameterized
  • Updates

    Not parameterized
  • ElasticSearch index

    ElasticSearchDatastore Required
  • Document type

    String Required
  • Automatic date detection

    Disables automatic date field detection in ElasticSearch when fields are mapped as string types.

    boolean Optional
  • Bulk index size

    int Required
  • Fields

    List of String Mapped with Values Required
  • Id column

    InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Keep string fields in raw form

    All fields(type=string, maxlength=256) indexed to ElasticSearch will also be kept in the raw 'not_analyzed' form. The raw fields can also be used in querying and are accessible as '{originalFieldName}.raw'

    boolean Optional
  • Values

    List of InputColumn<Object> Required