Completeness analyzer

The completeness analyzer provides a really simple way to check that all required fields in your records have been filled. Think of it like a big "not null" check across multiple fields. In combination with the monitoring application, this analyzer makes it easy to track which records needs additional information.

Here is a screenshot of the configuration panel of the Completeness analyzer:

The configuration properties of the Completeness analyzer are:

Table 6.1. Completeness analyzer properties

ValuesSelect the columns you want to evaluate with your completeness analyzer. For each selected column you get to choose whether the analyzer should simply do a null-check, or if it should also check for blank values.
Evaluation mode This determines the mode that the completeness check runs in. Here you can configure whether the analyzer should consider records as "incomplete" if any of the selected values are null/blank, or if all the values need to be null/blank before the record is counted as incomplete.