Referential integrity

With the 'Referential integrity' analyzer you can check that key relationships between records are intact. The analyzer will work with relationships within a single table, between tables and even between tables of different datastores.

Here is a screenshot of the configuration panel of the Referential integrity analyzer:

Apply the analyzer on the table with the foreign key in the relationship, and configure it to do a check on the table that holds all the valid keys.

Table 6.3. Referential integrity properties

Cache lookupsWhether or not the analyzer should speed up referential integrity checking by caching previous lookup results. Whether or not this will gain performance ultimately depends on the amount of repetition in the keys to be checked. If all foreign key values are more or less unique, it should definitely be turned off. But if there is a fair amount of duplication in the foreign keys (e.g. orderlines referring to the same products or customers), then it makes the lookups faster.
Ignore null valuesDefines whether or not "null" values should be ignored or if they should be considered as an integrity issue. When ignored, all records with null foreign key values will simply be discarded by the analyzer.