Installing Database drivers in DataCleaner monitor

If you want to install database drivers in the DataCleaner monitor web application, you should first consider if you want the driver installed only as part of the single web application or if it should be globally registered within your web server/container.

  1. Installing database driver in Container : Refer to your container's documentation. Usually the process is a simple matter of copying the driver JAR files to a folder in the web container's workspace. For instance, if you're using Apache Tomcat, copy the driver JAR file(s) to the 'lib' folder of Tomcat.

  2. Installing database driver in the web application : First, locate where the DataCleaner monitor .war file is deployed and 'exploded' into a directory. Within this directory you will find the folder 'WEB-INF/lib'. Copy the database driver file(s) into this directory.

We recommend installing drivers in the container. This makes your web application easier to upgrade and manage.