The Express Data Prep Wizard requires a few inputs from the user. Some values can be pre-defined so that they can be automatically put to the particular fields in the UI. This is achieved through a standard java properties file.

Properties file location

The wizard looks for the file in DATACLEANER_HOME directory. On Windows this can be: C:\Users\Username\.datacleaner\5.2.0\ On Linux for example: /home/username/.datacleaner/5.2.0/

You should find a sample of this properties file ( in the program directory after the installation. Then you have to manually copy it to the required location (DATACLEANER_HOME). This required location will be created automatically, once you have started up DataCleaner for the first time.


Table 24.1. Properties

KeyExample valueRequired?Meaning for name and phone cleansing (typically Suite6 installation)
edp.architect.hostnamelocalhostyesserver for UK address cleansing (Mailroom Toolkit aka Satori Architect)
edp.architect.port5150yesport for UK address cleansing (Mailroom Toolkit aka Satori Architect)
edp.suppression.usernameusernameyescredentials for additional suppression services
edp.suppression.passwordpasswordyescredentials for additional suppression services
edp.suppression.emailusername@domain.comyestarget e-mail for suppression services notifications
edp.outgoing.folderC:\\outgoingnodirectory for output data files (valid, invalid, samples)
edp.postalpresorting.defaulttemplatenamemailmarknotemplate for presorting service
edp.postalpresorting.defaultfilesfolderC:\\presortingnodirectory for presorting service output (PDF report)
** On Windows use '\\' (double backslash) or '/' (forward slash) instead of '\' (single backslash) due to limitations of the properties file format.

DataCleaner Monitor setup

In order to use hot folder functionality (see Scheduling jobs section for details) you have to configure DataCleaner Monitor connection first. After you deploy the war file and have it running in your browser (see DataCleaner Monitor for details), go to More/DataCleaner monitor menu item.

Then fill in the following form, test the connection and save it.