NL Deceased Check

Use the Overlijdensregister webservice to discover Dutch contacts that are deceased.

Transformer Concurrent Alias: NL deceased check
  • Birth name in last name

    Birth name and the prefix of the birth name are filled in in the last name field.

    boolean Optional
  • Input columns

    List of InputColumn Required
  • Query fields

    Fields used to query the web service. For the web service to return a successful response it needs at least one of the following combinations:

    - Last name and birthdate

    - Last name, birth year and city

    - Last name, birth year, postal code and house number

    Some fields have to comply to certain formats:

    - Gender: M (Male), V (Female) or O (Unknown)

    - Birthdate/year: dd/mm/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd, yyyymmdd or yyyy

    - Postal code: 9999XX or 9999 XX

    - House number: Just a number, if it contains text after the number, the text is removed

    List of EnumerationValue Mapped with Input columns Required
  • Recently registered only

    Only check registrations of deceased up to 45 days ago.

    boolean Optional