UK Address Correction and Suppression

Transformer Concurrent Distributed execution possible
  • Propagate address input to output

    Propagate Address input columns to the output

    boolean Required
  • Server host name

    Server host name

    String Required
  • Server port

    Server port

    int Required
  • Registration key

    Registration key

    String Optional
  • Change of address

    Enable the 'Change of Address' service?

    boolean Optional
  • Change of address flagged

    Enable the 'Change of Address flagged' service?

    boolean Optional
  • Mailing preferences

    Enable the 'Mailing Preferences' service?

    boolean Optional
  • Deceased persons

    Enable the 'Deceased' service?

    boolean Optional
  • Username

    String Optional
  • Password

    String Optional
  • Endpoint URL

    String Optional
  • Notification email

    String Optional
  • Input columns

    List of InputColumn<Object> Required
  • Query fields

    List of Choice: Other Salutation Given name Surname Fullname Middle name Organization Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Address Line 4 Municipality Posttown Province County Postcode Country Mapped with Input columns Required