Contact Data Correction with DataCloud

With DataCloud you can validate, standardize and correct Names, Addresses, Phone numbers, Email addresses and more in DataCleaner.

Learn about the DataCloud contact data correction functionalities.

Address Correction

Use the Address Correction function to validate, standardize and correct your address information. We cover more than 200 countries and thereby ensure that your mailings and customer registers are correct and up-to-date.

In certain countries we also offer enrichment and mail suppression flags based on address data. See the Enrichment Sources page for more information.

Name Correction

Name cleansing is all about making sure that the names you have are correct. With a database of billions of name parts, the Name Correction service is able to check if names are correct, if they look suspicious (like Mickey Mouse) and which parts of the name is what. Furthermore we can enrich your name data by suggesting the most plausible gender of a name and providing regional information about likelyness of a particular name.

Phone Correction

Phone number checking, parsing and formatting is provided out of the box. We deliver a phone number correction service which allows you to make sure that the numbers you have match with the countries your contacts live in. You can also enrich your data with more information about the phone numbers, such as line type (mobile, fax etc.) and correctly formatted country and regional prefix codes.

Email Correction

The email service provides knowledge that help you verify and get rid of spam email addresses and to correct common misspellings in email addresses (such as or as well as asserting the validity of the email domain name.

National Identifiers check

In the commercial editions of DataCleaner we offer a set of functions for National Identifier checking. This includes personal Social Security Number checking as well as company registration numbers of selected countries. Depending on the local rules of the country the identifiers are validated and details like birthdate, gender and organization type is returned.