2012-01-02 : DataCleaner 2.4.1 released

As our new years present to all of you, we have a new release of DataCleaner. DataCleaner 2.4.1 is largely a release of bugfixes and minor feature enhancements.

Here's an overview of the improvements we've made:

Feature enhancements:
  • Batch loading features we're greatly improved when writing data to database tables. Expect to see many orders of magnitude improvements here.
  • Writing to data has been more conveniently made available by adding the options to the window menu.
  • You can now easily rename components of a job by double clicking their tabs.
  • The Javascript transformer now has syntax coloring, so that your Javascripts are easier to inspect and modify.
  • When reading from and writing to the same datastore (eg. the DataCleaner staging area) we've made sure that the table cache of that datastore is refreshed. Previously some scenarios allowed you to see an out-of-date view of the tables.
  • A potential deadlock when starting up the application was solved. This deadlock was a consequence of an issue in the JVM, but we worked around it by synchronizing all calls to the particular API in Java.
The full list is also available on the DataCleaner 2.4.1 milestone in the roadmap.

The 2.4.1 release should work as a drop-in replacement of DataCleaner 2.4, so we encourage everyone to upgrade. Get it on the downloads page. Happy new year.