2012-01-24 : DataCleaner 2.4.2 released

We've just released DataCleaner version 2.4.2, which is a bugfix and minor enhancements release. Please update to this latest version, which has a whole bunch of items fixed:
  • Database connection can now specify if multiple connections can be made or not. This solves an issue related to databases that did not allow this, and a potential application halt if no more connections was available.
  • There's now a separate distribution of DataCleaner specific for Mac OS. Using this version of DataCleaner you'll see a much nicer OS integration than previously.
  • Performance of the engine has been improved by providing some job-level metrics as lazy loaded values. For instance, the estimated row count is now lazy loaded, so in situations where this metric is not needed (eg. the command line interface and embedded use of DataCleaner), it will not be calculated.
  • The command line interface now has additional options to save the results of an analysis to a file, given a variety of output formats. Saved files can later be opened in the User Interface, allowing for a DIY data quality monitoring solution (see Kasper Sørensen's blog for more details).
  • An issue with correct prefixing of table names in INSERT statements was fixed in the downstream dependencies for the "Insert into table" component.
For full details about all changes, check out the trac roadmap for DataCleaner 2.4.2, AnalyzerBeans 0.10 and MetaModel 2.2.1.