2012-04-30 : DataCleaner 2.5.2 released

DataCleaner 2.5.2 has just been released. The DataCleaner 2.5.2 release is a minor release, but does contain some significant feature improvements and enhancements. Here's a walkthrough of this release:

Apache CouchDB support

We've added support for the NoSQL database Apache CouchDB. DataCleaner supports both reading from, analyzing and writing to your CouchDB instances.

CouchDB support
Connect to CouchDB databases

Update table writer

Following our previous efforts to bring ETLightweight-style features into DataCleaner, we've added a writer which updates records in a table. You can use this for example to insert or update records based on specific conditions.

Like the Insert into table writer, the new DataCleaner Update table writer is not restricted to SQL-based databases, but any datastore type which supports writing (currently relational databases, CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, MongoDB databases and MongoDB databases), but the semantics are the same as with a traditional UPDATE TABLE statement in SQL.

Drill-to-detail information saved in result files

When using the Save result feature of DataCleaner 2.5, some users experienced that their drill-to-detail information was lost. In DataCleaner 2.5.2 we now also persist this information, making your DQ archives much more valuable when investigating historic data incidents.

Improved EasyDQ error handling

The EasyDQ components have been improved in terms of error handling. If a momentary network issue occurs or another similar issue causes a few records to fail, the EasyDQ components will now gracefully recover and most importantly - your batch work will prevail even in spite of errors.

Table mapping for NoSQL datastores

Since CouchDB and MongoDB are not table based, but have a more dynamic structure we provide two approaches to working with them: The default, which is to let DataCleaner autodetect a table structure, and the advanced which allows you to manually specify your desired table structure. Previously the advanced option was only available through XML configuration, but now the user interface contains appropriate dialogs for doing this directly in the application.

We hope you enjoy the new 2.5.2 version of DataCleaner. Go get it now at the downloads page.