2008-10-06 : Eobjects announces change in preferred license

We've made a principal decision at eobjects.org to change the preferred license of our projects from the Apache License 2.0 to the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

The main difference between the two licenses are that the LGPL requires any modifications to be contributed back to the Open Source community (ie. licensed under a similar license; LGPL or GPL). The eobjects.org projects are gaining the obvious advantages of the LGPL by ensuring that improvements are submitted back to the projects. This also means that we don't risk that anyone sell modified versions of our projects. It is still just as appropriate to use the projects as a part of commercial applications, but any modifications must be contributed back to the community.
Initially this change in license will affect the two flagship projects of eobjects.org: DataCleaner and MetaModel. This means that the next versions of these projects (DataCleaner 1.5 and MetaModel 1.1 accordingly) will be LGPL licensed. Also, new projects will be LGPL licensed unless special circumstances suggest otherwise.