2012-11-08 : Community contributor contest!

Who will post the best content for use in DataCleaner?

Human Inference is announcing a competition for the DataCleaner community. The goal is to provide the best contribution for our favourite open source data quality tool.

What kind of contributions?
Submitted content can be of many forms:
  • Educational content like tutorials, videos etc.
  • Regular Expressions for the RegexSwap.
  • DataCleaner extensions for the ExtensionSwap.
  • Reference data for inclusion in the tool.
  • Use case descriptions – tell the community about your experiences.
  • Third party tool integration.

We do cherish everything in the community being free. But we will also be giving a nice prize to the winner with the best submission. With the prize we want to encourage further creativity and technological discovery. So the winner will have the option of either a Android tablet of their own choice (for instance the new Google Nexus 7) or a Lego Mindstorms programmable and modular robot system.

We want to send a special thank you to the CUBRID affiliates program for helping in sponsoring the prizes.

In addition to winning a prize, all submissions will be reviewed and mentioned on the DataCleaner website.

Content must be submitted before Christmas (December 24) 2012. Post a comment on this discussion topic to tell the community where and how to retrieve your submitted content. We also encourage people to join our Google+ community hangouts where authors will be invited to present their contributions.

Submitted contributions (so far)
Here's a list of the submitted contributions in the contest so far: