2008-09-16 : Two new releases planned for DataCleaner

After some considerations about the future of DataCleaner, we've updated the roadmap to reflect our current plans for the direction of development. We are planning on releasing DataCleaner 1.4 by the end of the month and after that two new milestones have been added:
  • DataCleaner 1.5: The main focus of this release is to provide a command line interface for our data quality framework. This means that users will be able to easily create batch jobs that they can schedule using their favorite scheduler. Other features will also include Pattern Finder improvements and a couple of new profiles.
  • DataCleaner 1.6: We have a lot of suggestions that have been filling up our backlog. DataCleaner 1.6 will be all about getting everybody's needs into the application before we get ready to begin the webapp. Some of the exciting features of DataCleaner 1.6 will be relationship profiling and exporting of results.