2009-03-15 : DataCleaner 1.5 released!

"Finally!" one might say. And this is definately what is going through my head right as I write this news-item. Finally, DataCleaner 1.5 has been released! Once again the effort to bring about the best open source data quality solution is bearing fruit.

The new release is definately one of the most significant ones in the history of DataCleaner. The overall goal of the release has been to step up from the shadows of the "small tools" pool and mark DataCleaner as an enterprise-ready application for profiling and validating datastores of all kinds - both in scheduled mode, on servers and in an intuitive desktop environment.

For those of you with an interest in every little detail about this release, please feel free to review the complete list of changes - for everyone else, here's the recap:
  • Change of license to LGPL.
  • Multi-threaded execution of Profiler and Validator.
  • Command line (batch) execution of DataCleaner tasks.
  • More elaborate status information during profiler and validator execution.
  • New profile: Date mask matcher.
  • New profile: Regex matcher.
  • Load regex from the online RegexSwap repository.
  • Automatic download and install of popular database drivers.
  • More file types supported (.dat, .txt)
  • XML file support improved (.xml)
  • Memory improvements in Time analysis profile.
  • Improved logging when running profiling and validation.
  • Information schema provided for file-based datastores.
  • Lazy-loading of columns in datastore-tree.
We hope you enjoy the new DataCleaner 1.5! Now go over and download it right away.