2008-10-13 : DataCleaner 1.5 "snapshot" released

As we're moving steadily along towards the release of DataCleaner 1.5 we are fixing a few bugs and enhancing a lot of features. This leads to the desire to release our work since practically nothing has undergone changes that could destabilize the application since the 1.4 release. So today we're releasing DataCleaner 1.5 "snapshot". This also marks the first release under our new LGPL license.

Here are the changes from 1.4 so far:
  • Change of license to LGPL.
  • New profile: Date mask matcher.
  • New profile: Regex matcher.
  • More file types supported (.dat, .txt)
  • XML file support improved (.xml)
Although this is in principle a development/beta release, we feel that it would be worth working with for most of your profiling needs. So... Go on, [GetDataCleaner download it], tell us what you think and we'll see you around!