2009-04-20 : DataCleaner 1.5.1 released

We're happy to announce the release of DataCleaner version 1.5.1. This release is a minor release, nevertheless containing a few nice features - especially for the users who are enjoying the exporting features that was introduced in 1.5:
  • An additional HTML export format have been added to the built-in export formats (usable when exporting Profiler results in the desktop app and when executing the runjob command-line tool).
  • The export format is now choosable directly in the desktop app.
  • Four new measures where added to the String Analysis profile: avg. chars and max/min/avg white spaces.
The new version of DataCleaner is (as always) downloadable for free on the downloads page and feedback from users is also greatly appreciated. Post your comments and questions at our discussion forum.
We hope that you all enjoy DataCleaner 1.5.1.