2009-07-14 : eobjects.org announces Open Source data quality with DataCleaner 1.5.2

Dear DataCleaner users,

We are happy to announce the release of DataCleaner 1.5.2. Users of DataCleaner 1.5.0 or 1.5.1 won't be able to see a lot of changes in the user interface, but this release actually holds quite a lot of improvements “beneath the surface”:
  • The most notable improvement is in the Value Distribution Profile. Previously this profile consumed quite a lot of memory which could lead to out-of-memory errors in extreme cases. This has been fixed by using on-disk caching with the berkeley db when nescesary.
  • Another notable feature is that we can now distribute DataCleaner as a single JAR file. This means that we will be serving the application as a Java WebStart application (ie. run it as if it's an online application) and we are also considering other distribution options.
  • When starting the application, it automatically downloads regular expressions from the RegexSwap.
  • A bug in regards to matching number-based columns in dictionaries was reported and fixed.
  • A bug in regards to invalid characters in XML-export formats was reported and fixed.
  • When opening files, we are now ignoring suffix case so that .CSV files can be opened as well as .csv.
  • The number of columns shown in the preview window are automatically restricted if there are too many to show on a single screen.
You can download DataCleaner from the downloads page or you can use our new feature: Get it via Java WebStart!

This release underlines the ongoing evolution of DataCleaner to be a more and more professionally capable data profiler and data quality tool. Seeing that DataCleaner is being used in large corporations world wide I wish to address some thoughts that I have been having and that I know users are pondering with: How do you best combine the low adoption cost of Open Source applications like DataCleaner with the high flexibility that most commercial business-software provide? To service this need we've opened up a new division of the company that I work with, Lund&Bendsen. Whether you need to deploy DataCleaner to high-scale installations, integrate the applications with your existing systems or develop customized profiles, validation rules or satisfy other enterprise needs, we offer you first class services and in-depth expertise you wont find anywhere else.

To cut to the chase: DataCleaner 1.5.2 is here and we wish to extends the community development with a professional effort. So don't hesitate to let us know if you see an opportunity to invest. Adding value by targeting your use of the product is in the interest of both customer, developer and community and this is the reason our business is there.

To all you non-business users out there: Sorry for the obvious commercial rant and we hope you all enjoy the newest DataCleaner release.

Best regards,[[BR]]
Kasper Sørensen[[BR]]
Founder of eobjects.org and the DataCleaner project