2009-10-18 : DataCleaner 1.5.3 released

After much waiting, we are finally ready to release DataCleaner 1.5.3. Here's the wrap-up on what's been going on:
  • The MetaModel dependency has been upgraded to version 1.1.8, which means:
    • Improved Excel spreadsheet support
    • Improved SQL Server support
    • Improved performance for CSV files
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain database connection errors to be ignored in terms of user feedback.
  • Fixed a bug that caused re-opening of database dictionaries to throw a NullPointerException.
  • Fixed a bug related to dictionary lookups of null values.
  • Added support for Teradata databases.
  • Added connection templates for SQL Server connections.
  • Added support for selection of custom encodings when reading CSV files.
  • Fixed a minor bug relating to reading files on the classpath when running in Java WebStart mode (which manifested in an exception thrown when clicking on "About DataCleaner").
So as you can see, it's been a mix of minor bugfixes and a couple of improvements to compatibility and performance regarding certain datastores. We hope you enjoy this new release of DataCleaner. As always, you can ...Let us know what you think!