2011-02-13 : Watch out, dirty data! DataCleaner 2.0 is in town!

The Open Source software community eobjects.org is happy to announce the release of DataCleaner 2.0. This release marks the biggest advance in technology and features for the DataCleaner platform throughout the history of the project.

Amongst exciting new features in DataCleaner 2.0 are:
  • Data transformations, allowing you to preprocess, extract, refine, combine and calculate data items as a part of your data profiling jobs.
  • Filtering, sampling and subflow management, allowing you to define criteria to exclude and include particular items of data.
  • Richer reporting with charts, graphs, navigation trees and more.
  • A bunch of new data quality functions for date gap analysis, phonetic similarity finding, synonym lookups and more.
  • More configuration options and added data quality measures for existing data quality functions like the Pattern finder, String analyzer and more.
  • Reusable profiling jobs, where you define your processing flow once and consequently run it on any data.
  • Support for MS Excel 2007+ spreadsheets.
For more information about what’s new in DataCleaner 2.0, see the full list of new features in DataCleaner 2.0.

Today it was also announced that Human Inference, the European data quality authority has finished their acquisition of the eobjects.org site, to actively enter the market for entry-level Open Source data quality products. All projects on eobjects.org will remain open source and the benefit for the community and the products are apparent. The release of DataCleaner 2.0 is the first visible outcome of the acquisition, resulting from several months of intense cooperation between Human Inference and the community members, to put together a state-of-the-art data profiling application.

For more information about the eobjects.org acquisition, see the press release on the Human Inference website.

Times are really exciting in the eobjects.org community these days. We hope you’re all as enthusiastic about the new DataCleaner 2.0 as we are. The application is ready for download and for immediate launch through Java Web Start, so visit the DataCleaner website now.