2011-02-21 : DataCleaner 2.0.1 released

Since the release of DataCleaner 2.0, we've seen a renewed interest and a lot of activity around eobjects.org, DataCleaner and Human Inference. We're happy to get all this valuable feedback and it has also meant that there where some low hanging fruit to as well as a few very minor bugs that we could easily add into the existing DataCleaner 2.0 release. This is why, already a week after 2.0 was released, we're releasing an update: 2.0.1.

The update consist of minor updates:
  • Filter outcomes where added to the flow visualization.
  • A bug was fixed in the widget for selecting the tokenizer's separators.
  • The "Equals" filter can now have multiple values to compare with.
  • Some minor cosmetical improvements.
For more detail, take a look at the milestone contents at Trac.

DataCleaner 2.0.1 is available at the downloads page and the update has also been automatically applied to our Java Web Start users.