2011-03-07 : DataCleaner 2.0.2 released

Eobjects.org and its contributors are pleased to announce that DataCleaner 2.0.2 has just been released.

DataCleaner 2.0.2 is a minor, but not unimportant, release containing a few bugfixes and a set of 8 feature enhancements:
  • Tabs and buttons in the workbench are disabled when no source columns have been selected.
  • A special widget have been added to the "Source" tab, making it very easy to apply row count based sampling of the input data.
  • When possible, filters now have the ability to optimize the query of a job (aka. Push-down optimization). This was implemented for the "Max rows", "Equals" and "Not null" filters.
  • The growing amount of transformers caused a long list in the "Add transformer" popup. Therefore transformers are now grouped by category and displayed accordingly.
  • The visualization of execution flow now allows removing column items and filter outcome items, making the graph more comprehensible, especially for very large jobs.
  • The "Coalesce string" transformer now has a "Consider empty strings as null" flag, which is particularly useful when dealing with CSV files.
  • Text-based dictionaries and synonym catalogs will get their cached values flushed, if the file they read from changes.
  • The "Convert to date" transformer now includes the ability to specify your own date masks, if date strings require it.
  • A bug was fixed when passing null values to the the email standardizer.
  • A bug was fixed pertaining to proper presentation of "mixed" tokens in the the Pattern finder.

With these improvements in place we see that DataCleaner 2.x is really catching along and we're very pleased with the quality and pace of improvements we are seeing. Go to the Downloads page right away to grab the new version.