2011-04-04 : DataCleaner 2.1 adds charts, stoppable jobs, database drivers and unifies the UI

We're happy to announce the release of DataCleaner 2.1! This is a quite significant release and something that we hope users will recognize as a step forward from the 2.0 versions.

The major news in DataCleaner 2.1 are:
  • There was a lot of work done on the user interface (see media page):
    • We decided to remove the left-hand side window containing environment configuration options.
    • Instead all these options have now been moved to the job building window so the user only has to focus on a single window for all the interactions needed to build a job.
    • The welcome/login dialog has also been removed in favor of a more discrete panel that can be pulled in or hidden from the main window.
    • Datastore selection and management is considered the first activity in the application, which is why it is also the first step to handle in the main window.
  • You can now stop jobs in case you decide to change something before it is done.
  • Bar and line charts were added to a lot of the analysis result screens, including String analyzer, Number analyzer, Date/time analyzer and Weekday distribution (see media page).
  • All "preview data" windows now contain paging controls so you can move backwards and forwards in the data set.
  • Most common database drivers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and Sybase) have been added to a default set of drivers.
  • Configuration of the Quick analysis function in the Options dialog.
  • Various minor bugfixes.
  • Transformer for extracting date parts (year, month, day etc.) from date columns.
We hope you enjoy DataCleaner 2.1. Please head over to the downloads page to get it!