2011-05-16 : DataCleaner 2.1.1 is here!

Another release of DataCleaner sees the light of day today! Although this is not a major release, but a minor one, it does ship some quite nice stabilizing improvements and minor enhancements to the UI.

Enhancements in 2.1.1:
  • Added a search/filtering text field on the datastores list. This enables you to quickly find your datastore if you have registered more datastores than available on the screen.
  • Reference data for country codes was added to the standard distribution, thanks goes to Graham Rhind for providing these.
  • Added a horizontal scroll bar to the data previewing windows of there are more than 10 columns.
  • Ability to add an extension package with new functionality in the Options dialog at runtime. More focus on extensions will follow in the upcoming releases.
  • We've exposed an early preview of our Command-Line Interface (CLI) by allowing you to invoke the application with the "-usage" parameter which will show the CLI options.
  • Added number formatting options to the "Convert to Number" transformer.
Bugfixes in 2.1.1:
  • Fixed an out-of-memory issue when querying tables with a LOT of columns (150+).
  • Fixed an issue that cause the "Limit analysis" check box to not be checked correctly when a job was re-opened after saving.
  • Not really a bugfix as it was never an official feature, but now we support restoring user preferences (the userpreferences.dat file) from previous versions of DataCleaner.
Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this release of DataCleaner.

DataCleaner 2.1.1 is available as a traditional download or as a Java Web Start application on the downloads page. Keep in touch with your feedback to the application on the forums.