2012-10-01 : DataCleaner 3.0.1 released

Thank you to all for the positive attention about our recent DataCleaner 3 release. With this information we've been able to quickly and effectively identify a few minor improvements and have introduced these in a new release: Version 3.0.1.

The primary bugfix in this release was about restoring the mapping of columns and specific enumerable categorizations. For instance in the new Completeness analyzer, we found that after reloading a saved job, the mapping was not always correct.

Furthermore a few internal improvements have been made, making it easier to deploy the DataCleaner monitor web application in environments using the Spring Framework.

Last but not least, the visualization settings in the desktop application have been improved by automatically taking a look at the job being visualized and toggling displayed artifacts based on the screen size and amount of details needed to show it nicely.

DataCleaner 3.0.1 is available for download on our downloads page. We wish you good luck cleaning your data, and enjoy the software.