2012-10-12 : DataCleaner 3.0.2 released

It's friday afternoon and we have a little weekend gift to share with everyone. The last couple of weeks we've been working on a number of small but nice feature improvements and minor bugfixes in DataCleaner. These are now all available in DataCleaner version 3.0.2 - go grab it at the downloads page.

Here's a wrap-up of the work that we've done:
  • When triggering a job in the monitoring web application, the panel auto-refreshes every second to get the latest state of the execution.
  • File-based datastores (such as CSV or Excel spreadsheets) with absolute paths are now correctly resolved in the monitoring web application.
  • The "Select from key/value map" transformer now supports nested select expressions like "Address.Street" or "orderlines[0].product.name".
  • The table lookup mechanism have been optimized for performance, using prepared statements when running against JDBC databases.
  • Administrators can now download file-based datastores directly from the "Datastores" page.
  • Exception handling in the monitoring web application has been improved a bit, making the error messages more precise and intuitive.
We hope you enjoy the new version. It should be a drop-in replacement of previous DataCleaner 3 releases, so no need to wait, upgrade now.

If you're using DataCleaner and think it would be fun to meet up with team members from Human Inference who work on the product, as well as consultants and other users of it - join our new Google+ page from where we will start doing community hangouts and thereby invite you to share ideas, questions and good vibes.