2012-10-31 : DataCleaner 3.0.3 is out

Dear DataCleaner users and developers,

We have a new release for you today, version 3.0.3 of DataCleaner. Grab it before your neighbor at the download page.

The focus of this release has been stability, performance and convenience for monitoring repository maintenance. Thus, the new and improved list follows:
  • We've added a service for renaming jobs in the monitoring repository. You can access this as a RESTful web service or interactively in the UI:
Renaming jobs
  • A web service was added for changing the historic date of an analysis result in the monitoring repository. This is convenient if you have historic dumps of data that you wish to include in a timeline.
  • The documentation has been updated with more elaborate descriptions of the web services available for repository navigation, job invocation and more.
  • The login dialog in the desktop application had a low-level version conflict, which caused it to be unusable. This has been fixed.
  • The web application has been made compatible with legacy JSF containers, making the range of applicable Java Webservers wider.
  • Caching of configuration in the web application was greatly improving, leading to faster page load and job initialization times.
We hope you enjoy this release. It should be 100% backwards compatible with other 3.x releases, so we encourage everyone to upgrade.