2013-01-04 : DataCleaner 3.1.1 is released

We have a nice little release for you today, which contains the usual maintenance fixes, but also some improvements and minor new features. DataCleaner 3.1.1 is ready for download as of now.

Let's dive into the news ...
  • The date and time related analysis options have been expanded, adding distribution analyzers for week numbers, months and years. All analyzers related to date and time are now grouped within a submenu called "Date and time" under "Analyze".
  • An optional "descriptive statistics" option has been added to the Number analyzer and the Date/time analyzer. This option adds additional metrics to the results of these analyzers, such as Median, Skewness, percentiles and Kurtosis. These metrics are optional since their memory footprint is somewhat larger than the existing metrics.
  • The lines in the timeline charts of the monitoring web application now have small dots in them. This is especially useful for charts with few (or even only one) observations in them - to point out exactly where the observation points are.

  • The query parser when invoking ad-hoc queries have also been substantially improved. Now queries can contain DISTINCT clauses, *-wildcards, subqueries and are fault-tolerant towards text-case issues.
  • Two new transformers have been added for generating UUIDs and for generating timestamps.
For the full list of improvements, go to the milestone page on our bugtracker.

We hope you enjoy this release, and go get it immediately from the downloads page.