2013-01-22 : DataCleaner 3.1.2 is out

We're happy to announce another release of DataCleaner - version 3.1.2. This version is a minor improvement and bugfix release.

So what's new? Here's the summary:
  • We've added a web service in the monitoring application for getting a (list of) metric values. This makes the monitoring even more usable as a key infrastructure component, as a way to monitor data (quality) and expose the results to third party applications. Read more in the documentation.
Connectivity in DataCleaner monitor
  • The 'Table lookup' component has been improved by adding join semantics as a configurable property. Using the join semantics you can tweak if you wish the lookup to work semantically like a LEFT JOIN or an INNER JOIN.
  • The EasyDQ components have been upgraded, adding further configuration options and a richer deduplication result interface.
  • Performance improvements have been a specific focus of this release. Improvements have been made in the engine of DataCleaner to further utilize a streaming processing approach in certain corner cases which was not covered previously.
For more details on the individual issues worked on, visit our milestone page.

The 3.1.2 release should be a drop-in replacement of other 3.x releases, so go download and upgrade now!