2013-06-12 : DataCleaner 3.5.1 released

It's always a bit difficult to write a really enthusiastic release announcement about a release that is essentially a bugfix release. And then again ... We've just released DataCleaner 3.5.1 and it is definately mostly a "minor improvements" release but some of these minor improvements are actually pretty cool! Let's have a look at a few highlights:

Capture changed records

A new filter was added to enable incremental processing of records that have not been processed before, e.g. for profiling or copying only modified records. The new filters's name is Capture changed records, referring to the concept of Change data capture.

Queued execution of jobs

The DataCleaner monitor will now queue the execution of the same job, if it is triggered multiple times. This ensures that you don't accidentally run the same job concurrently which may lead to all sorts of issues, depending on what the job does.

Minor bugfixes

Several bugfixes was implemented, see the full list on the 3.5.1 milestone page on our bugtracker.

The release is available at the downloads page and via the WebStart client. We hope you enjoy!