2013-07-01 : DataCleaner 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 released

Hello everyone,

A little summer holiday treat for everyone: Last Friday we released DataCleaner 3.5.2 ... And then today, a few days later, we have just released DataCleaner 3.5.3. The reason being that these are bugfix released and unfortunately one bug escaped the first release. Sorry about that, but rest assured that both releases was contributing to the overall better product.

The improvements made are:
  • A bug was fixed which cased the DataCleaner monitor to show a result link for all jobs, even if they didn't produce a result. This only happened rarely though, for instance when building a custom Java job that returns null.
  • An advanced JavaScript transformer was added to the portfolio of built-in transformations. Using this transformer the user can build a stateful JavaScript object which is capable of both transforming, aggregating and filtering records.
  • Job and Datastore wizards now have 'Back' buttons.
  • A new dedicated 'extensions' folder is available in the DataCleaner desktop application. Use this folder to dump extension JAR files in, if you want them to be automatically loaded during application startup.
  • A new service was added to DataCleaner monitor, which enables administrators to download and upload (backup and restore) a complete monitoring repository in one go.
  • A bug was fixed which caused the desktop application's "DataCleaner monitor" dialog to crash when using default user preferences.
Head on over to the downloads page to get this latest release!