2013-09-24 : DataCleaner 3.5.5 released

We've just released DataCleaner 3.5.5, which is primarily a minor bugfix release. Here's a summary of the improvements made:
  • The 'Synonym lookup' transformation now has a option to look up every token of the input. This is useful if you're doing replacement of synonyms within the values of a long text field.
  • Blocking execution of DataCleaner jobs through the monitor's web service for this could sometimes fail with a bug caused by the blocking thread. This issue has been fixed.
  • An improvement was made in the way jobs and the sequence of components are closed / cleaned up after execution.
  • The JNLP / Java WebStart version of DataCleaner was exposed by a bug in the Java runtime causing certain JAR files not to be recognized by the WebStart launcher, under certain circumstances. This issue has been fixed by making slight modifications to those JAR files.
  • A few dead links in the documentation was fixed.
You can download the new DataCleaner now at the downloads page! Do let us know what you think of it on the discussion forum.