2013-10-25 : Cosmetic improvements available in DataCleaner 3.5.6

We've just cut another release of DataCleaner with some minor cosmetic/specialized bugfixes and improvements. We're happy to be able to make users happier with these little additions to our favourite open source data quality tool:
  • The monitoring webapp's CSV datastore dialog now supports TXT files as well as CSV and TSV files.
  • A bug was fixed pertaining to the "Max rows" filter's tab in the UI sometimes making uncloseable tabs for other components as well.
  • A bug was fixed causing sometimes the order of selected input columns of a component to not be retained when saving and loading the job.
  • Various improvements to API and stability of internal utilities.
For the extra curious reader; check the milestone report. And go download DataCleaner 3.5.6 already now!