2013-11-22 : DataCleaner 3.5.7 released

Hi everyone!

We've just released DataCleaner version 3.5.7!

For this release we've made 4 important improvements to performance and stability. So although it doesn't seem like a big release in numbers or functionality, it's a good one since we spent the time on making an already good product better at what it does best.

The issues resolved in this release are:
  • A flag has been added to the CSV datastore options, making it possible to disable values in CSV files that span multiple lines. Disabling this feature in our CSV parser enabled us to increase parsing speed significantly and at the same time handle poorly/inconsistently formatted CSV files much better. Since many CSV files anyway don't contain values that would be allowed to span multiple lines, we think this is a great way to gain the extra performance and stability.
  • A change was made to the way we monitor progress log information. This means that we now have a much more effective and performant way to monitor progress of DataCleaner jobs, which especially speeds up performance on the server side.
  • A minor modification to the progress logs have been implemented: The progress information statements now always shows the time of the statement.
  • A minor bug was fixed: The CSV datastore dialog of the monitor web application would sometimes show an unexpected error if you did not fill out escape characters, quote characters and so on.
You can grab the new version of DataCleaner at the downloads page - enjoy!