2014-05-20 : DataCleaner 3.6 is out - new features, new editions

It's exciting times in the DataCleaner team - and we're happy to announce that DataCleaner 3.6 is now generally available along with new cool features, both in community and commercial editions. Go get it now.

Duplicate Detection

With DataCleaner 3.6 we are finally launching a new and extensive Duplicate Detection feature. With Duplicate Detection you can apply fuzzy logic to identify the records in your data that are duplicate entries for the same real-life thing. Use it to identify duplicate customers, products or anything else of relevance. It’s a great way to improve data quality and to have better interactions with customers, co-workers etc. Read more about Duplicate Detection here.

Referential Integrity

Another exiting new feature in DataCleaner 3.6 is the Referential Integrity analyzer. With this analyzer you can easily check the integrity between multiple tables in a single step. The analyzer works with tables from the same datastore, and even also with tables from different sources. This means that you can effectively cross-check data from disparate sources that may be out of sync and cause data quality issues.

More and better Progress Information

We’ve also done a lot to improve the responsiveness of DataCleaner’s screens while processing large jobs. The loading indicators and progress logs are now more responsive, and the layout of results has changed from being table oriented to result-type oriented. All in all it gives a nicer, more smooth experience with more overview of what is going on.

Commercial Editions revisited

Finally, the offering of commercial editions of DataCleaner has been changed to fit better with individuals and professionals using DataCleaner. Now you can get support and professional edition features for a very low entry price. This we believe will fit the marketplace well and provide an awesome commercial open source Data Quality solution that is approachable for everyone. Read more about our commercial editions here.

The documentation for DataCleaner 3.6 has also been updated quite a lot and applies to both community and professional edition - go check it out.

There's more

Actually we did a whole lot more than just this. For a full overview, please check out the milestones completed in our GitHub issue tracker:
We hope you enjoy DataCleaner 3.6!