2014-06-27 : DataCleaner 3.6.1 released

It's time to get your DataCleaner installations updated, because we have a new release for you!

DataCleaner 3.6.1 is a bugfix and minor improvements release, but that doesn't mean in any way that it's boring stuff :-) Take a look at these changes:
  • For users that want to do transformations quick and simply write the results somewhere, we've now allowed any job to be executed, even without any analyzers. The result will be an option dialog like this to select where to put the data:
  • In the DataCleaner monitor webapp, a critical bug was fixed which caused Linux deployments to treat the example 'DC' tenant's repository with a wrong filename. This has been fixed and the example tenant is now called 'demo'.
  • A new triggering mode has been introduced to the monitoring and scheduling functionality: One-time triggering. Using a single date and time instant, you can now get a job triggered once if needed.
  • The styling and javascript API of the DataCleaner monitor webapp has received several updates.
  • A user role "ROLE_GOD" was introduced, allowing certain users to have control over all tenants in the DataCleaner monitor webapp.
  • A fix was implemented for the clustered execution mode, ensuring that execution chunks are ordered correctly depending on the capabilities and natural ordering of the underlying datastore.
  • Clustered jobs can now be cancelled throughout the cluster. This means that the master will inform all slaves that the job should be ended and resources made free again.
We hope that you enjoy this update, and that you will go ahead and get DataCleaner right away!