2015-03-30 : DataCleaner 4.0 out now!

For the last months we have been working hard to achieve a very ambitious goal to take DataCleaner to a whole new level. The results of months of hard work are now available to you with a 4.0 tag on it. The overarching theme of this release is user experience and flexibility. More than 120 issues and user stories resolved, 900 code check-ins and more than 5000 lines of code touched.

Want a quick glance? Here's a small teaser that will give you an impression of our new user interface:

Read on to learn what the major features of this release are.

Visual graph-based job building

A new visual way of building jobs instead of navigating though component tabs makes all of the difference for the user and his capabilities. In DataCleaner 4.0 you benefit from a clear picture of how your data is going to be processed.

DataCleaner Job components connected in a graph display It's now much more feasible to get an overview of large jobs

The canvas not only shows the contents of your job. It also provides hints and guidance while you build it. Modifying the job is a matter of interacting with the nodes in the graph.

All the components "within a click’s distance"

In order to find data quality functions easier, the "Transform-Analyze" menu was made into an easy-to-navigate part of the tree structure on the left side of the application. The categories have been divided into "Transform-Improve-Analyze-Write" which makes for a clearer separation of components based on the type of task they help you with. To add a function - just drag it onto the job graph canvas.

Easy access to functions/components in the left-side tree. Right or double click to configure.

Quick Start Wizards

New users will benefit from the welcome screen guiding them how to make the first steps in the application. Commercial editions (read more) of DataCleaner include Quick Start Wizards that will answer the questions you might have about your data. Instead of manually assembling a job, the wizard asks a couple of questions and generates a job you can start your journey with. Such a job can be tweaked later on, if needed or just executed to see the insights.

Click through the Quick Start wizards and then you're all set up. Drop your file into the application and start processing the data

Welcome screen

Along with the wizards, the new welcome screen also changes the way new jobs are built. Click “New job from scratch” button to make use of drag-and-drop support or "Manage datastores" to work in a way known from previous versions of DataCleaner.

Refreshed look and feel

The visual part of the user interface (icons, colors etc.) has been revisited. The new clean and modern look should make working with DataCleaner more pleasant.

UK/US/DE Address Correction and Suppression features

DataCleaner has new components that integrate with UK, US and German address correction and suppression services from our partners. Now, without leaving DataCleaner's job workflow you can consult external databases for information about movers, do-not-mail declarations and verify the accuracy of address details.

Address Correction and Suppression Address Correction wizard

Mac OS X experience

We made sure you can work with DataCleaner on your Mac in the way you are used to. This includes support for Command + click and native “application bundle” configured from professional edition installers.

Improvements to deduplication

Deduplication scenarios have been reconsidered. Try our new “Untrained detection” mode for instant results with minimum configuration. The previous "Training Tool" and "Duplicate Detection" functions have been merged into one component. This eliminates the necessity of replacing Training Tool with Duplicate Detection on the way in order to fulfil the whole customized deduplication process.

Duplicate detection mode selection Model training mode - more helpful than ever An example duplicates report

ElasticSearch and Apache Cassandra connectivity

We continue to expand our portfolio of supported databases. In the DataCleaner 4.0 release we are happy to announce that we now support two new NoSQL databases: ElasticSearch (read+write) as well as Apache Cassandra (readonly).

Get your hands on DataCleaner again

Already had a trial license before? No worries, you can still give DataCleaner 4.0 a try – we’ve decided that this update is so significant that all trial licenses can be renewed. Just visit the Download page to obtain the application!