2015-08-21 : DataCleaner 4.0.10 released

We hope everybody is enjoying the summer. But if you're not out enjoying the sun, you might as well go get warm with the new DataCleaner release instead! ;-) In other words: DataCleaner version 4.0.10 is available.

So what is new in this release?
  • We have added support for connecting to Apache Hive via our existing JDBC interface. In addition to the existing Apache HBase connectivity, this is a good first step towards having DataCleaner as a Big Data Profiling engine for your data in Hadoop.
  • A bug related to version-conflicts in the Apache HBase connector was fixed.
  • We have made it easier to immediately register new datastores when you need them. For instance when configuring a Table lookup or the Insert into table component.
  • The result window has been improved slightly, now prioritizing analysis component reports over e.g. results from transformations.
  • Finally the reference documentation has been updated a lot, plus the index in the documentation now contains better sub-sectioning.
We hope you enjoy DataCleaner 4.0.10!