2015-04-29 : DataCleaner 4.0.5 released

Following our DataCleaner 4.0 release little over a month ago we have received an impressive amount of feedback. As with any major software release, the feedback certainly sparks many creative ideas and also makes us aware of things to improve. So thank you all for that.

It's because of the great feedback that we can today announce the availability of DataCleaner 4.0.5. This version of DataCleaner adds on top of the existing functions and features in DataCleaner 4.0, making them even more powerful. There is obviously also a number of minor bugfixes included in this release. Let's walk you through it:

Combined component requirements

It's now possible to combine many component requirements into one. This especially makes sense if you have a graph of validation/correction tasks and you wish to catch all invalid entries into the same "bucket" of rejected records or so. Here's an example:

Search in component library

We've added a search box to the component library of DataCleaner desktop. This makes it a lot easier to locate the component you're thinking of or to find components of relevance to what you have in mind.

Results from non-analyzers

Until now it has been so that only components of the technical type 'Analyzer' can produce a result. This made a clear distinction between the tasks of data correction/transformation and tasks that produced reports/results that could be displayed to the user. We have relaxed this distinction a bit, allowing transformation components also to produce a result. For now we only have a few examples of this ('Table lookup' and 'Country standardizer'), but more will certainly come in the future.

Less file-management in Duplicate detection

The configuration of the very popular Duplicate detection component was made a bit simpler by no longer requiring the user to consider file-location of the duplicate matching model. Now this file location is based on a default (which can of course be overridden by the user if wanted).

And much more

More than 10 minor bugfixes was addressed. A helping "Component description" documentation option was added, as well as improving the general reference documentation which now holds more tutorials and explanations of all the functionality in DataCleaner.

We hope you enjoy the new release. Keep the feedback coming, and go clean you data!