2015-05-20 : DataCleaner 4.0.7 released

Hello everybody! Again we are ready to present to you a new DataCleaner release with a bit of improvements and a bit of bugfixing.

The main improvements made in this release pertain to the display of analysis results:
  • We have changed the layout of the screen so that results are organized vertically to the left instead of as tabs above. The left-side menu can be collapsed and expanded to maximize readability.
  • The 'Duplicate detection' function now allows you to export the duplicated records and pairs into any writeable Datastore you might have (whereas it used to be just Staging Tables and Excel Spreadsheets). This way the storage needed to perform deduplication can become more consolidated and be fit to your own liking.
  • The size of the result window is now remembered so that your preferred window size is retained.
Here's a screenshot of the new result screen layout and the new export functionality in Duplicate detection:

Another important feature we've enabled with this release is component documentation in the application itself. Double-click any component and then the new 'Documentation' button to display it's component reference page. This is very helpful for discovering and learning about the capabilities within DataCleaner.

We hope you enjoy version 4.0.7 of DataCleaner - it's available now via the Download page so go get it!